Homework 1: Experimental Design and Basic Python

Due Date: Completed and graded before September 8, 2019 at 11:59pm
Points: Homework 1 is worth 25 points


In DISCOVERY, we will be using PrairieLearn for both homeworks and exams in the CBTF.

Using PrairieLearn

Homework 1 is available on PrairieLearn, a platform developed at Illinois. To access Homework 1:

  1. Log into https://prairielearn.engr.illinois.edu/

  2. Choose “Add or Remove Courses”

  3. Add “STAT/CS/IS 107: Data Science Discovery, Fall 2019”

  4. Click on “STAT/CS/IS 107: Data Science Discovery, Fall 2019”

Homework 1 Details

You have two attempts at Homework 1, we will take your highest score.

When you start Homework 1, you will see the message “Please wait until instructed to start by a proctor”. Since this a homework, this is not necessary, you can begin whenever you are ready! :)