Lecture 13 Extra Credit Notebook

Step 0: One more library

If you did not install this from the Lecture 12 notebook, make sure to add the matplotlib library to Python by running:

conda install matplotlib

Step 1: Retrieve via git

git fetch release
git merge release/ec_lecture13 -m "Merging initial files"

ONLY IF you get an error related to unrelated histories, use:

git merge release/ec_lecture13 --allow-unrelated-histories -m "Merging initial files" 

Step 2: Open the notebook

Navigate to your directory and open the notebook with the command:

jupyter notebook

Inside of the notebook webpage:

Step 3: Submitting your work

When you’re ready to save your work online and/or submit your work, return to the command line and run:

git add -A
git commit -m "submission (or any message here)"
git push origin master