Homework 1: Experimental Design and Privacy

The first homework in STAT 107 helps you review experimental design, learn about some important issues about privacy, and review the Python you learned in the first two labs.

Readings on Privacy

There are five fundamental ideas/topics that is important for every Data Scientist to understand. We have found resources that explain these ideas in the clearest and most concise way; in all, this reading will take less than 25 minutes total.

Read each of the five below:

  1. Wikipedia: Personally Identifiable Information, 5 minute read (focus on the introduction and the first section: “NIST definition”)
  2. National Institute of Justice: Common Rule, 3 minute read
  3. National Institute of Justice: Informed Consent, 5 minute read
  4. National Institute of Justice: Confidentiality and Privacy Protections, 3 minute read
  5. Magnus Health: HIPAA & FERPA, 6 minute read

Complete Homework 1 on PrairieLearn

Homework 1 is available on PrairieLearn: https://prairielearn.engr.illinois.edu/pl/

Since this is the first time you are using PrairieLearn in STAT 107, you will need to add STAT 107: