Step 0: Install matplotlib

You only need to do this once, so if you did not install this from the Lecture 12 or Lecture 13 notebooks, make sure to add the matplotlib library to Python by running:

conda install matplotlib

Step 1: Retrieve the lab using git

Using your command line, navigate to your stat107 repository (cd Desktop -> cd stat107 -> cd [NETID]) and fetch the notebook from our release repository by running the following two git commands:

git fetch release
git merge release/lab_plots -m "Merging initial files"

ONLY IF you get an error related to unrelated histories, use:

git merge release/lab_plots --allow-unrelated-histories -m "Merging initial files" 

Step 2: Open the notebook

Open the notebook with the command:

jupyter notebook

Inside of the notebook webpage:

Whenever you are done, you should checkpoint (using File -> Save Checkpoint in the notebook) your notebook to save your work. Once your work is saved, you can:

Step 3: Submitting your work

When you’re ready to save your work online and/or submit your work, return to the command line and run:

git add -A
git commit -m "submission (or any message here)"
git push origin master