Homework 5: Privacy and Data Science

Due Date: Completed and graded before February 13, 2020 at 11:59pm
Points: Homework 5 is worth 10 points

Homework 5

Along with designing a good experiment, it is absolutely critical that the experiment is ethical. This homework consists on privacy and related matters.

Readings on Privacy

There are five fundamental ideas/topics that is important for every Data Scientist to understand. We have found resources that explain these ideas in the clearest and most concise way; in all, this reading will take less than 25 minutes total.

Read each of the five below:

  1. Wikipedia: Personally Identifiable Information, 5 minute read (focus on the introduction and the first section: “NIST definition”)
  2. National Institute of Justice: Common Rule, 3 minute read
  3. National Institute of Justice: Informed Consent, 5 minute read
  4. National Institute of Justice: Confidentiality and Privacy Protections, 3 minute read
  5. Magnus Health: HIPAA & FERPA, 6 minute read

Homework 5 Details

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